(Anamorphic) lens flares

Hi, does anyone know of a script or filter for lens flares? I need one for a more realistic feel wile looking at the sun.

If anyone has a script or knows of one, it would really help.


This tutorial should be helpful

That won’t work in the Game Engine.

vitorbalbio has made one. Right now I don’t know if he actually offered a .blend, but if so, then you might find it in the Resources Section, and it looks pretty good too.

As a side-note: I wouldn’t overdo lens flares thinking it would look more “realistic”. While even our eyes (lenses) do produce lens flares but we tend to filter them out, so we don’t really care or think about them when they are there :slight_smile:

Lens flare is a great eye candy when done right though! I’m little interested on how to achieve this in game engine also.

The truth is our eyes can create max ONE lens flare. Because we have just one lens.

Warning: It is a bad idea have your eyes in the sun.

Lens flares are usually the result of projections through multiple lenses as cameras. They look like a mystic effect with straight geometry that we do not see in our daily life. So they look cool.

Are they realistic? You can never tell. Small, large, thin, wide, strong, weak - it does not matter. We do not have the experience with this physics anyway (except you are a photographer ;))

but sir,…what we are talking about relates the BGE,…what if ur to create a Plane war game? airplanes windshields may have flares, right? or even a driver camera of a racing game creates a lens flare. for me, lens Flares are not just beautiful one way or another, it makes a game realistic…Hope you make one and share to me, hava good day…