anatomy feedback for character sculpt

I have been trying to make a realistic character but I am not trained in anatomy so it is challenging. Please let me know what areas I need to work on. I am also fairly new to sculpting. Only really been doing it for a few weeks now.
This is an attempt at making an image of Oscar Isaac.

here’s the side view: [ATTACH=CONFIG]498153[/ATTACH]

Didn’t put as much effort in the side view unfortunately.

I think your model is too long in sup/inf direction, he has quite a wide face. Also, his face is triangle shaped; the forehead is too high and narrow.

I think your individual organs (esp. the nose) are fine, but the proportions need work.

Okay thank you for your suggestions. I am going to try to make a 2d drawing that looks like a person i think first and then try to do in sculpting next, cause I am realizing I can’t get drawings too look realistic to photo, so i need to overcome that first. And then will hopefully do better with the sculpting.

But maybe I will give your suggestion a try first. Thank you.

drawings version 1…I know oyu are not supposed to color early on, but he was looking very caucasion to me in the drawing and I couldn’t figure out why so I wanted to see what it would like with some color… but i never did figure out why it comes out overly caucasion in look.

Actually I think I realized that the picture I was using the above looking straight on, that the photo is flattened somehow as some sort of photo technique, and it makes the head look taller. And that is why I made the head so tall, I got confused by that camera effect. So I will keep that in account.

added facial hair … to the 2d drawing…

So am thinking of going back into sculpt mode again and try to shorten the face…