Anchiornis huxleyi

Artstation link:

Sculpting - Zbrush
Texturing, baking - Substance Painter
Modeling, UV, shading, grooming, rigging, posing, rendering - Blender


Lovely work on the hairs!

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Very interesting. Last picture /vire, totally broke illusion about “wings” . Never see sometthing like this.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I love everything about this picture.
@Joanna_Kobierska I’m curious, is there scientific precedent to the wing-y lined-up feathers on the legs? I don’t see the advantage it would give, contrarily to the arms. Unless, aerodynamics for running? Or just decoration for mating rituals? Or scaring potential predators by puffing them? Ok actually I see a couple. But still, would like to know if your depictions are fully science-based.

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Well done!
Can you share anything about the Rigging process?


Great work as always!

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Was this named after Aldous Huxley? I keep thinking about him when I see the title A. huxley…

But spectacular feather use.

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Really good feathers

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No it’s from Thomas Henry Huxley. He was Darwin’s buddy and theorized that birds came from dinosaurs.

Scientists have similar theories, but we really don’t know. Those structures are visibly present on Anchiornis and its kin fossils, so apparently they had some important function.
This is my main reference.


and what about the rigging process?