Ancient Fountain

My entry to the current Weekend Challenge (#82)

Hint: It makes a great wallpaper. :wink:


Very nice, but the surface of the water is somehow wrong. I think you should try using an env map, because I don’t think particles work right with the ray tracer for some reason. Anyway, a stucci texture and an env map should do it.

maybe put the halo size up a bit and put motion blur on the particles

This really is very beautyful. I think I have to work hard to do something better than that. But I doubt it. :slight_smile: Very good work!

looks cool

add strong motionblur when rendering
it should let the wather particle system look smother

nice work!

the tree…
how the h3ll did you do the tree?

The tree was apparently made in Lsystem. Nice job. Did you use regular old Lsystem, or Lsystem fixed seed? ( haven’t tried it yet, but maybe I should. )

Thank you for your replies. I experimented a bit and tested your suggestions but in the end I like the original version best.

jester71: The tree is made with L-System

I used the fixed seed lsystem ( but did not use the fixed seed option. :-?

I just now figured out the proper settings. :smiley:

If you are interested in the lsystem definition file, here it comes: