Ancient Greek statue models

Hello all of Blender artists out there,

we are looking for artists that can help us out with modelling high poly ancient Greek statue models. We have at least 15 of them on the list at the moment, with more to come in the future. We just need meshes without any materials/textures needed. Models need to be fairly detailed to be recognisable from the first look.
On top of that, we will also need some ancient Greek buildings/temples, but that is something we will discuss later… just for you to take into account.

Anyone interested can PM me with some examples and I will get back with more details if needed.

Thank you!

Try search for Michalis here on forum…
From what is see from his work, he is the right person


thanks for the tips. Michalis already contacted me and I will now contact Doris.

Sent you a PM.