ancient jars of clay

shalom! my second post so far. rendered in yafray


a few points:

  1. the overall lighting seems to be good but the shadows are not dark enough. i know the shadows are there but need to be darker, the vase of the metal wire tripod stand almost seems to be floating.
    2.if it is an image texture on the cylindrical vase on the right then it is lo-res and the seam is visible.
  2. the wood material on tht wooden thingy is off, and again looks as if its floating…did u use gi in yafray??

I see what anuraag is saying… that mid vase i dunt know it the tripod is floating ( it feels like it is cause the shaddow is a bit hard to see… so you cannot really tell if it is or not) but the vase in it is certainly floating… i dunno how you wud go about getting that to fit in that tripod perfectly because i myself face the same problem… when putting organic modells on a floor but their feet/butt w/e is curved so they dont fit exactly right…
Also the texture on the vase to the right the big one is a bit choppy i must admit. you might want to uv that vase and put in a higher res texture
I rank the vases:
1st (the white one) very well done
2nd The fat brown one
3rd the one behind the fat brown one (but you should add more to it like the first 2)
4th tall vase w/ chopped texture.
5th the block (jk)
5th (the real 5th) That last vase… i think you need to retexture it… the texture makes the vase a bit wierd.

-Final crit add better textures to the tall vase as the good ones on the smaller vases… and add a glass like shine on some of the vases. because i think u meant for some of them to be glass.

thanks. i value all your comments. that’s my first render in yafray and uv mapping so its just a test for a newbie like me. i have a very slow pc so it takes too much time in rendering. but it will never stop me from learning. no more time for revision though… i trashed the blend file hehe

My pc soz also so i dont test render too often xD