Ancient Robots, my entry to CGBoost

Hey guys, this is something I’ve been cooking for the last few weeks and my first final image I post here. Been working with Blender for about 2 years now. Critiques are always appreciated!
I might have tried three or four versions of the light until I felt it works. Gotta do more final 3D stuff, it’s fun. :slight_smile:

“Ancient Robots” got me thinking about the greek mythology. Zeus always fascinated me, so I wanted to make a big robot to fight for Zeus against the titans because even though he is strong and the father of gods, I always thought he’d need to be bigger to take on titans face to face.
A young adventurer went on a long journey to find this place of piece, rest and harmony, where the old, not anymore needed robot has its final rest.

Here’s also the Artstation Link