Ancient Statue: The Forgotten King

Hello Blender friends! It’s been a while.
This is a work in progress I’ve been doing intermittently over the past week

I would like some advice for the following features if I may:

  • Stone- I’ve kind of tried to start on it already, but I would like to find a way of making the statue’s texture and detail stand out a little bit more. I can post the node settings I have for it if someone requests it just to give an idea of what I’ve got going thus far. I am tempted to do a UV paint with rock textures, but I fear that may take away the detail from the face/sword/robes etc. As for detail, any suggestions on how to do it aside from the bump mapping?
  • Setting- I did have an idea for it to be in an underground scene, almost like a crypt or mausoleum, however I haven’t as of yet gotten used to interior lighting, and as such an hoping to do an outdoors, open-air ruins kind of setting. Any reference points would be greatly appreciated.
  • Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated

Other than that, enjoy!