And Another Inception Hallway Scene

So…i followed andrew prices tutorial on how to create the hallway from inception

Gotta say it is one of the easiest tutorials i have followed in the 3 months ive been using blender…had some trouble with the lighting setup he shows you so ended up employing my own

First project i have actually finished…next step is to animate it actually spinning :smiley:

Feedback welcome…Enjoy :slight_smile:

great job. I’ve just started using blender 2 days ago and this looks like a really fun project. thanks for the link.

How about showing us something that was inspired by the tutorial (which is the idea of the tutorial anyway) instead of the outcome of doing the tutorial. Sure your result looks OK, but if i say that then all i’m really saying is “yeah, you successfully followed a Price tutorial”

I think you would do yourself more justice by picking a more interesting scene (from a different movie) based on some criteria that you decide upon (could be anything, but what springs immediately to mind is lighting, textures, depth, architecture and color combo) and translate all you have learnt from tutorials into your own creative work. This is the only way you will progress, tackle something difficult.

An analogy to painting is if you show someone a ‘painting by numbers’ painting you did, it’s kind of difficult to comment on.

Zeffii: I do get your point, and completely agree with you…i am working on other projects which are going to incorporate all of the things i have learned so far which will then go into a piece which will be like a portfolio of all my work so far, but its amazing how much ive learned just by doing this project

I look forward to seeing them!

good job :slight_smile: Thank you for the link, I’m giving it a go now. I’ve only been blending for about a month, of course my own result will be another “paint by numbers” result as Zeffii referred to, but I’m going for the learned material presented in the tut. :slight_smile: