And Hell Froze Over

Here is an image I thought of during a weekend challenge a long time ago in a galaxy far… far away. Never got around to creating it then but here it is.

All comments, criticisms, and flames welcome.
Hope you like it

A likely story :slight_smile: Hah… good devils. and pretty realistic looking snow too

What a funny concept!, I would love to see that animated.

you know a frozen devil with a snotcicle would be pretty darn hilarious.
and now I think about it while we’re on the subject of ice you might want to add a frozen fire lake or something to the scene explain the skates.

Very good work with the character models!

Thanks for the comments everyone. This has been an interesting image to work on and also a personal exercise in seeing how well I can handle rigs, since I am interested in getting into animation.

Thanks. The textures are based on Poju’s ice texture… Don’t remember the exact link.

I would love to see it animated too!
Unfortrunately, this is quite a rudimentary model, and I don’t know if it will stand up to rigorous deformation at the joints. I will try though.

Actually it is supposed to be a frozen lake, but I guess the textures are not clear enough. Must work on that.

Thanks for the comments once again, and keep them coming.