Android 3d plat-former -need texture artist.

Hi every one (its been a while since I was here)

I am making a android sci fi (old school) 3d plat-former that takes place in a research station that is orbiting MARS. In creating the game I have 2 programmers who are building the enemy AI While I work on the station and effects in Unity and model levels in Blender 3d. As such I need a texture artist to help in adding color to our world. Why should you join? We it is experience and it will be on the android, pc, and mac and Linux. Also once the game is done we do tend to sell it on the pc,mac, and Linux while letting it go Free on the android. We will split the money between the team.

here is the first ( player learning what is what ) level.

More will come soon and I am working on several versions of the player model and guns.

If you would like to help out please message me.


i can texture; not optimal but the thing i need most is a texture to work with!

hey, have you got an email address? if so, please notify me!

by the way, do I supply the textures? or do you have the ones you want arranged?

what are your deadlines?