Android Body WIP

(gryphon) #1

Holy random acts of masochism! I must really feel like crying tonight if I’m posting to a WIP critique forum! :smiley: J/K

Thanks to BlenderChar’s kewl tutorial on correctly implementing IK in armatures, I felt like trying my hand at character creation instead of still-life.

What I’ve got thus far is the feet, legs, and the start of the torso for a rather tall and lanky android. This is, I think, my first real attempt at making a character of any sorts.

The piece that looks kinda like a vest will be bent around the rest of the torso, and I’ll add a spine and a few more likely looking pieces of machinery behind the stomach area.

Fully open to suggestions and critiques.

P.S. I’ll just constantly update this one picture, unless you want me to keep re-posting new versions so that you can see progress.

P.P.S. Please do pardon the fact that the pics are sporatically not here. My house just got nailed by a power surge from an electrical storm, and I’m pretty sure that my server just went down. Maybe someday I’ll make enough money with Blender to buy a UPS. =]

(DreamMaster) #2

Cute, love that shoes!! :slight_smile: Are you going to texture him after you’re finished modeling him correct? :slight_smile: Good luck!

(gryphon) #3

yeah, probably something very simple, with mostly flat, metal colors. I’ll probably put an animated texture on his chest somewhere, if I can ever figure out how they work. :slight_smile:

and thanx DreamMaster!

(Pooba) #4

Cool robot! It looks good.

I think you need to post a new topic every time you update, that wasy you’ll get more responses. Also when you post a new topic it goes to the top of the list, but it won’t work if you just change the image.


(scrappy) #5

love the clown shoes :wink:

(gryphon) #6

Here’s the progress on the android in question.
Added some stuph to the arms, and also some more definition to the body parts, chest plate, and shoulders.

The hands are REALLY basic, but I think that they’ll do with a bit of creative texturing.

As you can see, he now has a spine. =]

(macouno) #7


I really really like this one…

Maybe the knees are a little small for baring the weight of the bot?

The shoes are brilliant!

(Detritus) #8

Cool! Maybe the hands could be better modeled, but other than that, it´s really good!

(gryphon) #9

Thanks to macouno and Detritus for your suggestions.
I’ve re-done the knees so that they look a bit more
sturdy, and I think that I will give the hands a new
look. Maybe only 3 fingers + thumb…

This 'droid was intended to come across as a bit of a
comic figure. The tall lanky stature, with skinny
limbs, floppy shoes, and some form of expression.
I think that the eyebrows do what I was looking for.

Naturally, once I’m finished with the model of the
'droid, whom I shall name Clank, I’ll start working
on an animation for him.

(paradox) #10

Coming along nicely, I like the comic style look. Will be cool to see it animated.


(sten) #11

cool…very nice robot and details…

then when you finished model him I would like to
see how you will work with the material…

(pofo) #12

Hehe cool, like the style

Why not place one of them bolted plates over where his mouth would be. Would make him look even more frustrated :wink:

  1. pofo

(kaktuswasse) #13

yeah, that’s cool!

Keep you style,

(macouno) #14

Cool… I really like the head, even without the mouth… I don’t really think it needs it actually.

But since everything seems to be somewhat mecahnicly correct… mounted on hinges and such… just sticking on eyebrows loosly like that seems odd somehow?? I have no idea how to solve that but since nothing else floats around… maybe the eyebrows shouldn’t either.

(Dittohead) #15

Looks nice, cute shoes/feet 8) .