Android Game in Blender

Hey Guys, later i´m going to need to do a game for android, and i dont know very well how to start. What you think about this site?

Never heard of a way to make games for android in the bge… If you ask me, that link you included doesn’t work like a real android game from the google play store. Maybe someone else can confirm this because I’m not 100% sure…

yes, i’m not 100% sure if this is so “simple” like shows the videos… i just put here to know if someone tried with this source :S

That’s probably using GameKit - a game engine that uses Blender files, but doesn’t work with the BGE out of the box.
The BGE did have an android port, but it wasn’t finished, and isn’t usable in a game. Your best bets would be anything from UDK, Unity, Godot or BDX until the time comes (if ever)s.

ok, so basically i can’t do a game in blender for android with this source?

in order to run on openES
all drawing needs to be moved into shaders
and the fixed piepline render would need to be splashed
from what I understand?

To be honest i dont know :stuck_out_tongue:

read the part about openES

Can you summarize?

the bge uses almost all fixed pipeline shaders

if you want it to render on android, you need it to only use
modern shaders,

you also need to add support for touch events, (touch 1 and touch 2)

then there are libraries you would probably have to change as well,

Yes… and i think the áudio could havê problems also…

Yeah i hope they upgrade the BGE and other thing so we could make an Android game from Blender.