Android Head

Hi this is my first time posting on this forum. I first discovered the world of 3D rendering and Blender about 8 months ago, and I’ve dedicated a lot of time since then to learn it from scratch. I finally feel confident enough to post some of my work here. This was inspired by various other artworks I found online. I plan on animating this once I learn how :slight_smile:

Any feedback would be most welcome.


Did you create everything( that is right from scratch) in blender or you imported some things (like 2d or 3d image for the head) after processing them in software like GIMP?!
BTW it looks a lot like the I-Robot movie robots…!! good going1

Great job! Androids are always a good choice :slight_smile:

i like it a lot! the materials are very convincing, good ideas too. like the way you treated the eyebrows particularly. the eyes are great, i am not sure about the strong blue of the tearducts, i find them distracting from the eyes, is this your intention?

nice model and craftmanship, I think the nose is too small and well shaped for my taste but I’m sure it pretty esthetic to others. (I’m an oddball so don’t mind me).

@ abhi.01 - Hi yes I created it all in blender. I sculpted and retopologised the face and neck, then modeled all the machinery on top. Here’s a shot of the model in Blender.


@ Doris - Thank you! Hmm now you mention it perhaps the blue on the tearducts is a tad strong. The intention was to try and make them appear part of the eye mechanism but also have their own individual purpose. Kind of like a real tearduct!

Excellent work, I like it a lot. Lots of nice details and good presentation and lighting.

Wow, thats amazing. Nothing much more to say about it, the design is much nicer than in most of the other robot girl models out there. I especially love the contrst between the detailed mechanic parts and the clean, flowing surface. Are these panel lines and small screws and stuff all intergrated in the surface and sub-d-able or are they boolaned and cut into the surface? The only thing I’d critisize is the shape of the wings of the nose, you could try to raise up the outer parts a bit and make the nostrils more round, but that depends on taste anyway I guess.
Stunning work (only 8 months man, thats unbeliavble :))

Holy Blender, this is amazing! Don’t think that i’m in place to criticize but from a mechanical standpoint the eyebrows don’t have a real purpose it seems. I mean if it was a real robot. May be it’d be better to add some plates or scales instead so they could protect the eyes from the water or dust.

damn this is sick!!!

@ Jedi_duck - Thank you!
@ yii7 - Thanks for the nice comment!
@ swmo - Thank you :slight_smile:
@ suboptimal - Thanks for the kind comment. I actually used a combination of both ways. The panel lines are mostly modeled into the surface. But the screws and other stuff were modeled separately.
@ Razeeman - Thank you! I like your idea of using protective plates for the eyebrows. The eyebrows were a bit tricky to integrate and I did consider a few ways to do it. Giving them some kind of function would definitely improve the design I think.

Nice job. I like the subtle corrosion on the black parts.

This is incredibly amazing! Definitely one of my favorites that I’ve seen so far. Great job!

Thanks for the kind comments Modron and dantefrizzoli!

awesome render 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Very impressive work! I love the eyes

Jesus, eight months? Some folk come to the table with a bag of natural talent! Good job, dude!

Awesome result dude, five stars for me :slight_smile:

Very nice job, I use Blender for 4 years and I couldn’t be able to do something like this!