Android in a tube(update july 4th)

Here is a scene im working on.
Update below

Im still thinking what to put on the scene.

any C&C

We need a bigger picture i cant make out any details at all.
If you need hosting email me the pic at [email protected]
and pls dont add me to your chain letters if you get them.

:expressionless: I posted that pic because it took like 3 hrs to render.

But sometime today I’ll have a bigger render

Then email me the blend file i have a render farm i use to render so it will be np for me to do.

DUDE! Look what did this weekend! Coincidence?

How did you do your bubbles?

I made an update. Well I still need work on the guy and on the scene as a whole.See pic on first post


That’s good!
Active Ray Transp on crystal. :Z

It looks like the “bubbles” were made using procedural wood texture on a ray transp surface.

Hi heres another update. I took the glass tube away just for the test it kills the render and it makes the render 100 longer.

So any critcs are welcome.
Update below

:expressionless: its supposed to be Ice on the glass.

heres a new update
any C&C

I find the knocked over gas tanks a little distracting from the scene as a whole. Maybe if they weren’t so bright blue or if they were in a different location.

I made the color darker and they dont jump out at all.

So heres the latest update

any C&C???

hey this is really great stuff,
not sure why things are knocked over though, do you have a story that goes along with this,
are these models you made on your own or the make human things
your picture is very nice so i hesitate to make any suggestions, i can only tell you what i would do if it were my project
*the tubes that come from under the table (top right) seem to go no where they just end, i would have them go somewhere or just come out a little then tuck them under the table
*your models are great, and I would zoom in on them I can hardly see the detail on them, and it seems to be some empty space to work with, so thats what I would do make them more of a focus, and zoom in and crop out lots of the space and detail on the left and right.

how funny coincidence… i’ve been doinn a scene with similar idea for a couple days now… it only contains badly damaged cyborg head in the jar tough.

very nice setting.

This is really starting to look nice! Can’t wait till I see it finished!

I have model everything on the scene including the Android/Guy, no scripts, the guy is just a modify version of the android ;). But I did a lot of changes on the guy.
The Tubes are something that I really need to fix. I just been neglecting them.

thanks for all of the comments. Hope to put something new soon

Thanks guys!!

here is another update hope you like it

Looks good but the floating menus look to much like floating picture frames.
Make them more translucent and your golden.

I really like the feel of the scene BTW
I just think the tube could use some ice on the outside.
Maybe some build up at the bottom and top and some ice falling.