Android tablet as input device

Is it possible to use an Android tablet or smartphone as an input device inside Blender ? So that we can interact using a finger on the touch screen. Thanks.

Hi @meetdilip,

A while back I used to use Unified Remote that allowed me to use my tablet/phone to control my PC. Handy if your Windows pc/laptop was used as a media station. I’ve since moved on but I see it could be adapted for what you want. Unsure if it will give you enough fine control but a custome “remote” could be built that suites your needs.

You may also want to try out Microsoft Remote Desktop App which you can find on Google Play.

There are other free and paid remote access applications so I’d suggest you experiment and see what works best for you.

Also, you could post back to Blenderartists if you think it could help others too!

Cheers and happy blending!

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