android wip

trying to build a robot. i got the Helmet modelling course from cgcookie and am wanting to build it out into a full machine, that i can rig for a short film which will be fun, though i am having a bit of trouble getting the look of the legs right. well, actually failing miserably to get hte legs right bul lol whatever, i’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Great job! This looks awesome. :slight_smile:

Man this is brilliant work!

thanks guys, i’m really struggling with the legs though. this is the problem of not having a concept to work from lol

working the body, there still needs to be a chassis for the pistons and the abdomen plates need connecting. i started on the legs (several times.) still not happy with them. (by not happy, read thoroughly hate and sick of the stupid legs…)

Your head looks really slick. Nice done.

Thanks dude :slight_smile: