Andy tear

Yop this is the end of this image project.

Very simple, only the caracter portrait and a little post processed.

Click to high res. I will render it in 6000*5000 but not yet.
Thanks by advence for the crits.

Not entirely sure i like the frame effect but the model and textures are spot on, i was following your WIP. I’ve been using some of materials off the blender material repository, and i am impressed with some of the stuff you’ve been able to create. I can see the brushed steel, your favorite paint shader, but the purple plastic is very interesting, it probably benefits from the glow. I suppose my other crit is that the purple material stands out from the rest being a bit brighter than the others, consequently it feels to me like the image was desaturated leaving only that material but hey its a small crit.

Its a great render.

wow thats realy cool and how did you do the face:spin:

Really good. I wonder what’ll happen with the frame at high res, considering it has quite a few antialiasing problems even at this resolution. Is that frame post-pro, or done in Blender?

nice work!

Excellent!! Lot of spirit!!

Awesome work! I just caught the tail end of your WIP thread, so its nice to see the finished product. I love the effect on the tube, looks like it has purple liquid in it.

That’s really beautiful! Awesome materials and textures, and the modelling is awesome.

I love it! Can’t say the frame does anything for me though.

Five stars!
Great stuff, keep it going!

Thanks for crits.
Yes the AA has some problems with post processing.
I will work around that in hi res image.

Thanks again

Are you using jpeg compression? There are wavelets between the left side of the frame and her face on the hi-res which look like they come from jpeg compression. See image below.

In any event, it’s a great piece of artwork you’ve got there.


Is the Escher-esque perspective caused by the impossible framing intentional? in my mind it detracts from the overall impression, which should be focused solely on the character, and interferes with a naturalistic perception of the mechanical structures. Great lighting and materials work.

Very fine… Tho i would loved to see the mouth have more sharp line between lips… Tho i am not sure if you were after “molten together” look for the lips.

Anyway. .Fantastic art.

johnV : Yes I’ve seen the problem, but I do not know for where it come.
I think it’s the photoshop color pofile that is not good…

Wow thats awesome, makes me think of irobot & AI for some reason. Nicely done.


Thanks for crits.
Nothing more about scale… Rhaaa… disapear… disapear…

no nothing.

Brilliant work.

Actually, it reminded me of Bjork’s All is full of love video…

Yes this video clip is beautifull…
It is a little bit the same idea.