angel "glass" girl -a contribution for blenderart magazine

with not much to tell here it is for the making of topic go here
now lets see if it wil go to magazine :stuck_out_tongue:
oh and C&C are welcome so does rating this thread :cool:

Totally awesome. Looks great.

Good works

That’s fabulous!

Congrats, Migero!
The girl gives a feeling of sadness and fragility.
Good luck!
The only thing that bothers me :slight_smile: is the solid black background.

Excellent work except for four minor critiques. The biggest thing is that her face doesn’t look quite human. The eyes are not proportioned quite right to the rest of her face, which is too big and high on the head. The face is the hardest thing to make though and I think you have a good start. Her butt texture looks realistic, but those red spots are a bit too much like realistic acne marks. The lack of toes doesn’t really bother me but others may not like that. Her wings look like they are attached with melted bubble gum or something else gross.
I think the rest of the body looks fantastic, the arms and back especially. The wing detail looks great, especially the feathers and although I don’t care for the way it attaches to her back, it is also very believable. The background is nice, she is just floating there but since she has wings thats ok. I think its worthy of the magazine if you re work the head, position, size face etc.
Great work

thinks for the comments - the main focus on the magazine is my baking skills – yes the full scene is baked and rendering it took 2 mins

omg this is amazing O_O

5 starts from me. how did you do the wings? model or texture?

go to the 1st post link (on last page you can get the blend file for wings) ;] i hope it still works

its a good image i must admit but i mus say i think you could make it look better, mayb its because its the lack of background im not sure. but its good none the less :).

Awesome work dude. 5 stars.

Theonly thing that bothers me is the wings. But apart from that; Great Job! :smiley:

The image has disappeared off your server!

oh my god…
cool man :cool:
5 star

i see the final image and I’m so impress with the result
i like the hair, left wing and the red cape(or clothes whatever it is)

but the right wing i think it’s too bright
and one question for the skin texture
what style do you applied for the skin texture?
anime or real?
i feel your texture is in between and somehow it’s better you choose one of it
(from my point of view)
but it’s up to you coz it’s your style

I see you blog and I feel sorry for Eiko chan
hope you can make a better character next time
Good Luck

btw your link up there already broken
try to visit his blog if you want to see the full view

to tell the truth (and show some of the style) i added here a texture for body scaled to 512X512 and a tree texture to textures of skin are based on real photos


as for bark texture’s i used


hope it will come in handy for someone :smiley:
edit ------
on and i don’t think that linking directly to image from blog is legal by them so its better to copy it and add somewhere else

oh and hair textures are from THERE (tweaked in gimp a bit)


ok, I got it
thank you for the information and the link

is it illegal?
I will edit it

yea all textures there are free ( i saw somone else uded them here to) ;]

“Object not found Error 404”, i can’t seem to see it at the moment.

image fixed linked to blog

i remember the wip thread…