Hi all! Been using Blender for over a year now and I’m disappointed in myself for only just signing up here! Glad to find fellow Blender fans :slight_smile:

Here’s a piece I made at the turn of this year. Lit and rendered with cycles :sunny:

Original concept by Angel Ganev:


This is one of my favorite stylized characters. So balanced and elegant. Love the nose and the lips!

Cool to see you post here as well. Been following you on AS for a while.
Rock on :wink:

Thanks a lot! Praise indeed!! I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

Beautiful character! The make up is unbelievably real OvO
I’m so glad you are now here too! (~▽~) You ware the first one who I was searching here when I’ve joint, cause I’m a long time fan of yours!
You ware my teacher to the stylized \(

It seems that she made a botox injections in her lips…

Thanks so much! Your work is very inspiring :slight_smile:

Congrats on the feature! :slight_smile:

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nice work !!!
the hair looks amazing !!!

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thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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shes gorgeous

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thanks! means a lot :slight_smile:

She’s beautiful, love the almost painterly, yet oh-so-clean lighting and shading.

thanks so much, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

The character is lovely! Please give the lighting a bit more love!

Oh wow thanks a lot!
Also thanks @FinalBarrage! :slight_smile:

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All your characters look stunning. I started using your eye add-on recently and it works like a charm. :metal:t2:

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Thanks a lot! And glad to hear the Eye Designer is working out for you :slight_smile: Currently working on an update! :slight_smile: