Angled Chrome Texture

Is it possible to get a chrome angle using shading editor? I see a lot of tutorials making chrome on all types of surfaces, but not on a knob surface, like the one in the image. So if possible can someone show me the nodes how to make it. Or would be be better using imported texture if it’s too complicated to achieve.

Thank you.

That brushed effect can be achieved using the Anisotropic Shader (atm, just Cycles). You might need to explicitly setup the Tangent vector.

This is the simplest setup.

Hi Mario thanks for your reply. I’m following the set up as you have using cycles render, but I’m getting a different result to your. What am I doing wrong?

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Your Aniso rotation is zero.

Well spotted, thanks very much for your insight!

Kind regards.

hmm… to me it looks not like the same setup. LOL

If nothing is provided, Blender assumes radial tangent in the Z direction. Try plugging in a Tangent node to the Tangent socket and change its direction. How it shades is based on the local coordinate position (origo) and orientation. For cases where radial can’t be used (like a linear plate thing or teapot), you need a special UV map to drive the tangent. Once the tangent is set, you use the rotation parameter. In some cases where you just want to lengthen the streak towards the lightsource, you would use geometry/incoming to drive the tangent and adjust the rotation.