Angry santa....

hope you like it … still tweaking the beard and board … any suggestion would b helpful …

It looks nice, but kind of… distracting;
I’m not sure where I’m supposed to look!

Very nice, though :wink:

hahaha very funny image. i wonder who will be more angree. Santa or all those children who will miss their presents. technically not much to critique. ok maybe if you have rigged santa you could give him somewhat more angry expression. very good draguu (again)

thanks bash ill check that and thanks blutarsky … M glad to see that some people knows me … Thanks buddy… Hope u enjoyed my work … And ill try to make it more better

You’ve got a bit of a DOF issue on the 5th tree down away from the sign. Should be easy to fix in PS if blender is acting screwy.

You changed the hue of the image compared to the image in the Finished Projects section, didn’t you? I liked it better before, now it looks too colourful for a winter scene in my opinion (not whitish/blueish enough). But this may be a matter of taste.

The first thing, which I thought when I saw this image was: how did the sleigh get into this position? I mean, the raindeer are in front of the sleigh, so wouldn’t they have crashed into the stones themselves, thus preventing the sleigh to get where it is? Well, you obviously won’t change this and probably this would be completely unnecessary, but I can’t get this thought out of my head :wink:

It looks great but it took me a few seconds of looking around to figure out what was going on.

yup thanks radialronnie ill fix that … and ya skydiver and christhom_TN thanks guys m glad that you liked it … can u suggest any better idea to represent this …and how this sledge stuck there is not a big deal there cud b many ways … but just tell me is image convey the concept … what should i change and what not … suggest it … ill try my best …hope ull like the final result …


hahah thats funny

uh isn’t the McDonnell’s shin up side down and is that a road or a stream? and if I may, the 3de and 5 tree is not standing up right, or is it just me?

IT IS very good. Its like one of those photos youll will find between the 50 funniest pics on the web

O’ my segestion…make it a tad darker, like twilight,Santa travels at Knight so it will make sens if it is darker, then light up the Bord with lights. The only problem is, if you do this Santa will lose focus. Ha ha maybe you can light up Rudolf’s nose next to him.

thanks man … ill post new night render soon…i gt yr point …

Much better than the 1st attempt i think! :slight_smile: i saw the old post about this… and i thought that would win… and i think this one will win too :smiley:

thanks man … lets c what happen … m trying to archive night version of this … hope things will b better in that …

one of my earlier rudolph’s test

how the hell did you manage that! wow :slight_smile: you are a great animator

thanks dude, good thing is i have done that in few hours… Lol … But not that good as i expected

i wish i could create something to the quality that you have done :slight_smile: your a legend! … what tutorials did you use to learn yourself? :slight_smile:

we are 20 people working on blender and we learn it by our self by helping each other … but many tutorials out there but no one to specify as best … cause u gt something from blender guru’s tuts and something from blender cookie tuts and may b something very helpful from youtube … so learn from everywhere …
and u can check my site for some other vids also… i hope u like it too…

currently m thinking of changing a bit angle and concept … lets c what happen …

wish me luck guys


critique please

Haha, love it!

What happened to Santas beard? Muddiving while crashing a sleight?
And how did you manage to get one single octaognal spheric aberration =)

almost final