AnimAll Animation to Unity

Hey there fellow Blenderistas! :slight_smile:

I recently switched over to Blender and I wanted to ask a very specific question: I wanted to animate vertices of an object, so I used AnimAll, which works great! The only problem I have now, is that in Unity, it only shows me the already working action/animation called “Yawn”. The other animation I did with Animall - which doesnt seem to automatically create an action for it - is a “blink” with his eyelids.

So essentially the animation works perfectly fine in Blender but not in Unity. I tried to bake all the information of the changing data of the vertices - as you can see below - into actions, but they then seem to be empty.

I really hope this is somehow possible as using AnimAll seems like the most comfortable way I could find.

Here’s the blend-file in question:

I’m really stuck and couldn’t find anything on the topic how to get this working in unity, despite trying everything I could think of. :confused: And yes, export as FBX, or as an older version with Default take enabled also didnt help. Neither did taking all the animation data and baking it into one track/action. It always ends up the same in Unity: Only the “Yawn” animation is being shown.

I’d be really happy about any help I could get. :slight_smile:

bump anyone? :frowning:

bump anyone? :frowning:

Well, I don’t know anything about Unity, so you should ask on Unity forums if Unity supports vertex animation (I doubt it). Your alternatives are bone animation and shape keys/morph tragets/blend shapes - I don’t know which term Unity uses.

In Blender, export your vertex animation to an .mdd point cloud with the “NewTek MDD format” add-on. Then you can use the Megafiersadd-on package for Unity to import the .mdd. Their site says the package is $150 for a single-seat license.

I’ll look into that, thanks for now. :slight_smile:


There is a simple solution.
You have to export your animation from blender into alembic.
Install the alembic package in unity.
Import the .abc and play the animation.