Animals in blender?

Hello all!
So I have been using blender for quite some time, but I have never got past pre-beginner as I mostly used it for the game engine, and now I have switched to another program for that so I am now going to try to use blender for the 3D modeling!
I just started trying to figure out how to sculpt in blender so I decided I want one of my first projects to be some sort of animal, like a farm animal or just a house pet…not sure which!
And I was wonder if anyone had any suggestions in the way of making animal models in blender!
I have barely ever worked with textures so I don’t really know how to make the fur on animal models!!
Any suggestions would be great, Thanks!

These “where do I start” questions are always really hard to answer without some specific model to offer suggestions on. It’s not really fruitful to give advice without knowing how much you’ve already understood.

The most common general workflow for organic models is to sculpt them as a high polygon model using a sculpting program/mode, then retopolgize it to bake a normal map from. I don’t know how familiar you are with those steps of that process but there’s abundant video tutorials on all of them and we’ll obviously answer any more specific questions you have.

As for hair, it’s a tricky subject and you might want to try a hair-free animal for your first organic model, but the standard method for long fur on game resolution models is to use overlapping planes with semi-transparent hair textures on them to create the illusion of fur. This tutorial isn’t for blender but it shows the basic principle, it’s not difficult to understand just by skipping through a little (

Hope some of that helps!