Animate a constant flow of objects?

How can I make an animation that has a seamless loop of objects moving to one side? I am using a spheres and want them to flow through a cylinder constantly but in a loop form.
I am new at this so please be easy.

Sounds like a case for… Particle Systems!

You might want to turn off Gravity (in the World Properties) so they fly straight across, or maybe you’ll like the arcing (we know everyone likes the rking, at least!) and hit your mark by starting the particles with a bit of z velocity.


But would that make an animated loop?

I think that the simplest approach is animate by hand: you could take an object, animate its path from start to finish to start, go into the curve editor, select all points, duplicate and move down time line and repeat. If you want to go just a bit further, there is a cycling function you can add to your curves. Going further you could try follow path.

Assuming this a straight cylinder with plenty of space at either end where the spheres flowing through won’t be visible…

Start with a single sphere at the origin. Use Shift-D to duplicate it and move it along the X-axis (hold Control while moving to snap it to the grid for even spacing). Repeat to create a bunch of evenly spaced spheres on both sides of the origin. Select all the spheres at frame 1 and hit “I” add insert a location keyframe. Go to frame 100, move the spheres along the X-axis, using snapping to make sure a different one is at the origin. “I” again and insert another location keyframe. With all the spheres still selected, split the window and open a Graph Editor. In the Graph Editor, hit “T” and change the interpolation mode to linear. Hit the “N” key to bring up the Properties panel, then go down to Modifiers and add a Cycles modifier.

ok thanks!