Animate Object Locally


I havent used blender since 2.49 and everything seems to be in a different place!

I’m having trouble making a cube animate locally. Ive stretched a cube so it looks like a long bar and i want to make a game where theres a tall tower with lots of these long bars coming out and going in to it, a bit like moving jenga.

I had hoped to take my cube which i’ve stretched along the y axis and animate it moving 10 units along the y-axis. Then id duplicate my cube and rotate it 90degrees around so that the animation would now play along the x axis, however the animation keeps playing along the y axis…

Ive tried pressing i for ipo then delta position but that doesnt seem to animate at all. Ive also seen the L in the action actuator but this can only be turned on if force is and then my cubes fall which i dont want them to.

Hopefully someone can help, thanks

Parent the cube (child) to an empty (parent), then rotate and move the empty.

Or make only a scaling keyframe (no location, no raotation).
Or a use a shape key oder rigid animation.