Animate slicing of a volumetric object

Hello everyone,

I have some volumetric data which I have loaded as a volume texture in blender. This texture can then be mapped to the surface of a cube. Now I want to animate the cube growing from a single slice to the full cube, so that the viewer can get an idea of the whole 3D dataset (I cannot use volume rendering here, it is sufficient that the data is correctly mapped onto the cube faces).

However, I’ve run into a problem. In the attached testcase, I’ve tried to use an additional blend texture to cut away a part of the cube. While the sides of the cube are correctly cut, the face of the cut cube now seems to have the wrong texture, it does not align with the sides of the dataset.

To demonstrate, I attach a blend file together with a 3D stack of images (rename the file to and unzip…)

This file shows two cubes. The left is not cut at all. The right one is cut. You can clearly see that its left side has the wrong texture :frowning:

What’s going on there? Any ideas or pointers?



Attachments (148 KB)