animate spotlights

I was wondering what the best way to animate spot lights would be.(1) I’m going for a search light effect and i don’t want a constant speed or a noticably predictable pattern. (2)I also have fog going on at the same time that I want to have a steady flow that creeps across the screen. (3) annnd is there a way to loop frames effectively then put something at the end of a loop in blender or is this more of a movie editing deal? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Search lights shouln’t really be random. Think about every time you’ve ever seen them in the sky. Either they cut circles or figure 8s. They may speed up or slow down at certain points, but the’yre repetative. If you really want it like you said you’ll have to animate by hand, find a script or write one yourself. There’s a link to some very good scripts on and this includes jitter scripts for abjects and another for cameras, but I haven’t used them so I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for. Never played with fog so I cant answer #2. Looping is definitely an editing task as you would never want to re-render when recycling is so much less CPU intensive.