Animate text particle system

Hi, I’ve been learning some of the basics and currently I’m stuck on trying to animate a text. I used the particle system but the text does not disappear, leaving only the particle system animation as it should be. I’m following a tutorial on YT and there the text automatically disappears as soon the force field is added, but in blender 3.4 I’m not sure if there is something else I need to enable in order to have only the particle system animation in render mode and not the original text mesh. Any tips? thanks a lot in advance! Bless!

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In the particles settings make sure you have show emiter disabled :

That should do it ! If not we’ll try something else !

Have fun !


life-saver! thanks a lot!

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by the way, I’m trying to do the same on a text that dissolves into smoke. I’m not using partycle systems.Only domain and flow physics, in this case the text also does not disappear. do you know how I could sort that one out as well please?

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Indeed it doesn’t work the same way.
You have to take care of that part yourself. Since it’s a broad topic I can’t give you a quick and easy solution that you can apply right away.

One technique is to use an animated texture that make the object disapear.

Another is to use booleans , that is using an object to “Cut” parts of another object.

Or you might want to mix things. What about having one object with the fire , this one you make sure to show only the fire and not the object.
Then use the particle system you made before to dissolve the text as it burns ?

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You may elaborate this (on a different thread) ?? Quick idea: letters going transparent after smoke is evolving in an increasing way and then decreasing while letters disapear ??

Please make a separate thread for this question, we prefer to have one question per thread for organization :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll try a few of your suggestions!

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