animated baked textures


for a kind of experimental/artistic project I need the ability to bake out textures as an image sequence. Shouldn’t be that hard since blender can bake single image textures and it would be possible to bake out 250 images manually. I am a complete noob to blender script. Would it be possible to make a easy script to render an image sequence of baked texture maps? Or can blender already do it? Setting it up 250 times or even 2000times manually is a pain :frowning: I know an exotic request :slight_smile:

Here is an illustration of what I want to do. But they are talking about more features and options as i need.

Thank you for ideas how to go

You could see if this still works

Any luck with this?
I have to bake animated texture.

it’s available in the contrib repository :


Thank you so much! That’s what I was looking for, really apreciate it :blush:

Just downloaded it and have to say, you just saved me an insane amount of time, probably even meeting my deadline at all. Thanks A LOT.

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I can’t get that script working in blender 2.9

I don’t have time to try and see what’s going on, but …
are you using cycles as render engine ? eevee doesn’t support backing and maybe that’s why it doesn’t work , can you check if regular backing is working ?
If still the addon doesn’t work, can you check the terminal ? there is probably some useful information there .

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