Animated GIF: Archive-Button


just another (very simple) animation I did for my company’s retailer website. It is introducing a new archive button on the website - yes, they feared that nobody would discover this new ‘feature’ ;).

I know that this is a very simple animation (the model is even simpler) but I thought it would be interesting to show it.



Very good. I want to do something like that :D. How did you make it kinda fade out in the end and the new one kind fade in at the same time?

looks nice, was the fade effect done with jasc animation shop maby?

Ic3Cold: Thanks! I just set the layer transparency to 50% in the last frame and the first frame shines through (in Adobe ImageReady, but I think you can also do this in Gimp and many other applications).

Grimreaper: Thank you. Concerning your question: no, see above :D.

nice gif animation but…

if it wasn’t done in blender then shouldn’t it be put in the traditional artwork?

i have always wanted to gifs though… nice but blender and yafray are more my speed. :wink:

Prince: No, I produce the images in Blender and just turn them into animated GIFs using ImageReady.

Good animation :smiley:

Is it for a help section on a website ? :expressionless:

thoro: very nice work! Wouldn’t it be cool to do the whole website in 3D like that? (I know… no VRML comments, please… :-? ) it would make people’s understanding of it so much clearer!

i have always wanted to gifs though… nice but blender and yafray are more my speed.

Prince, GIF is merely a graphics file format that happens to support multiple images within one file. Its 256 color palette makes its use limited and difficult for many animating situations (try doing animated gradients with only 256 possible colors sometime! :slight_smile: ) You can certainly translate your blender/yafray output into this format any time with any number of available tools out there, just like thoro did! Go for it! :smiley:

lol very nice but have u noticed your missing an e from “archiv”

[Edit] hmmm unless that is how its spelt in what ever language that is %| [/Edit]

Well, actually it’s German :slight_smile:

Nice animation!

Thank you, guys! I’m very happy that you like it. Sometimes I’m not sure if such a small work is worth posting it here but I think it’s good to show that Blender is a reliable every day workhorse and my favourite application at home, too.

Darkmoon: It’s about a news archive and the guys who produce the website content decided to announce this new button/feature in an article on the front page. I do graphics/animations for every front page article and so I thought: ‘wouldn’t it be an eye catcher if I show the archive button as an archive drawer?’. And they like it as well ;).

mzungu: Funny, the manager who is responsible for this website dreams of a 3D website where everything is ‘like in the movies’ (excerpt) They are so happy about everything that’s animated - but I am the only person who does web graphics here and so my resources are very limited (I have to feed 2 websites and do press photos). But a project like that would be really cool. Next generation websites… forget about your mouse/keyboard - you’ll need an interface like in ‘Minority Report’ for that :D.

fudge: Hehe, it’s like 4Daniel says. But it wouldn’t have surprised me if I just forgot it - lost in Ipo Curves ;).

4Daniel: Yeah, thanks for putting that straight :P.

Now back to work - I’ve got to do a technical illustration for some student magazines today - maybe I will post it later.

oh well then why didn’t you say so! nicely done. :wink:


Nice work.

I did the same procedure too. Rendered in Blender then converted to gif in Adobe Image Ready. It took a lot of tweaking to get the file size down and it created a jagged movement in the animation.

see here

It’s the world with the letters. “RBN” going around it.

Do you have anu idea how to keep the file size down while smoothing out the frames?