Animated Gif Banners

I am creating Animated Gif Banners with all sizes. 50 to 60% Blender work is included in these banners.

some more

advertisment? for their genere they look ok.

Thanks for comments. See some more

Do you render the animating GIFs direct from Blender, or use another app to create them from still frames?

Render as PNG from Blender and Gimp for Gif

Ooooh, so now when I get a Casino popup I will have someone to hate, cool.
nice art BTW

The fourth of that last lot jumps a bit on the loop around

@Devid: Thanks for comments. Next Version, it will be more better.

You’ve put a lot of effort into these. I’m wondering if you will take my criticism after so much work.

Basically, they are ugly, mainly for the same reasons.

  1. Your choice of colours. Yes you should have a banner which stands out and gets noticed, but don’t resort to plain ugly colours; you want to attract the attention of your customers in a good way, not a bad one. Basically most of your colours are too bright. The ones with the strong blue background would be the worst offenders (e.g. Art 10, 11 & 24), and the bright red ones would follow close behind.

  2. The animations are of the annoying kind. They are typically something that goes around and around and around… all sparkle sparkle. Seriously… that used to be cool around 1995-1997 when animated GIFs were the rage… but we are oh so over that now.

I’m not wanting to be mean or anything… I can see you’ve done a lot of work here and I’m hoping my opinion (which you can take as just that; opinion) is of some help. I would recommend you try a couple of the following…

  1. Rethink the colour schemes. Drop the full on brights and pick out some colour themes based on “complimentary colours”. Green and Purple do not go together and no amount of Yellow will convince them to.

  2. Animations… slow down!!! Almost everyone of your banners looks like some mad kind of roller coaster ride. You’re an animator. Timing and a sense of “weight” are key. Let your banners show this.

  3. Try and come up with some ideas that show a little more subtlety in the movement. For example, that female figure… have her swaying only slightly… then wink. But don’t have it repeating on and off. If they don’t happen to see it the first time it’s not the end of the world. If you keep it subtle, you’re more likely to impact those that do see it happen.

Hope these suggestions help. I was hoping you were in New Zealand earlier today because you look like someone dedicated enough to be involved in a few projects I have coming up.

Good luck.

@Lancer: Thanks for guidance. You took a good time to observe the work. Thanks for suggesions.

They’re really great and all, but please don’t contribute to the already overpopulated world of ads =[