Animated loading screen

I know that this have been asked many times before, but I haven’t seen any actual solutions, and thought that there might be someone out there who had found their own solution/hack?

Basicly this is what I would like to use as a loading background, or at least something like this ( please be gentle… animating is not my strong side :o )

It doesn’t have to be an actual animation, it could also be a looped video or somethng similar.
For now I just use a plane with a text that says “Loading”, but it would be nice to be able to see that something was happening, and that it wassent just stuck.

Thanks for answering, but I was hoping to avoid using LibLoad, I can’t quite wrap my head around it.

I have been trying to make it work with a simple blend, but I must be doing something wrong:

import bge

def finished_cb(status):
    print("Library (%s) loaded in %.2fms." % (status.libraryName, status.timeTaken))
    loadingscene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()

bge.logic.LibLoad('//gameload_test.blend', 'Scene', load_actions=True, verbose=True, load_scripts=True, async=True).onFinish = finished_cb

It simply freeze when the scene is ready, and stays there for about as long as it takes to load the scene?

After several hours of reading, it finally dawned on me, that the problem is the threading? if so, then you are absolutely right, it’s not simple :frowning:

On a positive note… I did learn a lot about Blender and Python while investigating, enough to know that I’ll have to set some time aside to get acquainted with threading in Python.