animated mouth

(Atomike) #1

I’d like to make a simple animated mouth (really all I need is a bezier circle with 4 points & handles I can manipulate. What’s the best way?- I know this is a vague question but here’s what I’m thinking- My bezier circle filled with black- and somehow attacked to my mesh so that as I move my handles, the black mouth shape will move around. Perhaps others have come up with a simpler way to do a mouth. I’m not married to the bezier cirlce idea. To summarize, think Veggietales mouths. Very simple- just a shape. Help? Thanks & sorry about the rambling nature of the question.

(theeth) #2

normally, people use RVK (relative vertex keys) to animate mouths.


(Atomike) #3

Perhaps the idea of bezier curves is not appropriate then. This is my first attempt at a character - so this may seem basic to most. I’m having trouble figuring out how to make a rounded mouth using only verticies that will look like what I want. Again, think VeggieTales mouths. They seem like a boolean hole within the mesh, just showing black behind it- yet very smooth in animation. Is there an easy way to make an animated boolean hole using a few vertices that will look good? Or am I looking at the problem wrong?

(theeth) #4

you can use RVK with beziers, and it`;s great!


(Atomike) #5

Can I make a round, bezier controlled hole in a mesh and have it look right? I’m just not understanding how to make this hole without messing up the look of the mesh.