Animated Movie Texture Problems

(Goo) #1

I’m having problems getting a movie texture to work. I get this error message in the Blender DOS screen: Not a JPEG File starts with 0xff 0xff
It is a AVI JPG file imported from a video camera, size 608 by 464, frame rate 30 fps, with sound. I think the sound may be the problem. I’ve done a few scenes with a different movie, but same blend file, and they worked fine. I’ve got Movie selected in the Texture buttons, along with the right amount of frames. Any ideas what’s going wrong?


(dwmitch) #2

I’m not too sure, but I think it has to be AVI raw. I could be wrong, though.

(theeth) #3

no, AVI JPEG works well as texture. To check if it’s really the sound that is interfering, you could create a copy of the file and remove the sound (with any competent AVI editor). If that’s not the problem well, there’s not much that can be done from here.