Animated movie

Is it possibule to hawe a annimation running on the hintergroundwall in a animation eg. like thay hawe on the news on the wall behind?


this is not a help forum, it’s a project forum

Wow. In the future attempt to spell better. Take that as helpful criticism. And try to explain what you mean a little clearer, also.

I think he might be asking if there is a way to have an animation running inside of an animation, to witch I would answer, yes?
I believe it is posible to do anything you want with blender, you just have to figure out a way to make it work.
but I might be wrong about that.
Buy the way guys, not everybody speaks the kings launge, and that is not a bad thing,
I am not coming down on anybody, but lets have a little patience with of fellow blenderers,
for once upon a time we to were newbies, I myself am still a newbie, so I know how it feels to get a snobbie answer wehn you just need a little guidence,
Plus I cant spell worth a hill a beans.

like video textures?

Looking at his location, I would guess English is not his first language, so we have to give a little slack.

BEInGAmano: The support forum for animations is a little lower on the main page. As to your question, first you have to tell me what a “hintergroundwall” is. If you’re trying to get a video texture on a wall behind your animation, try this link:

If you have a video, and you are trying to get an animation behind a person (as in a newscast) things get a bit more complicated. Try asking in the Composition, Visual Effects, & Rendering part of the forum.

not sure if this helps, but I ran to this a while ago…

check especially the “Using the ‘World’ environment to add a video background” -part.

please use our support forum section for questions like this.