Animated normal maps in Blender 2.5x [for water]

Hello, I’m trying to make animated normal maps for water in GE, but cant find any tutorials for blender 2.5x. Tried 1 which was used in YoFrankie but tutorial is crappy quality, i cant even recognaze pressed butons . I know the proccess isnt dificult, can anyone make a tut for blender 2.5 ? :rolleyes:

People always seem to leave out some little bit of information from their tutorials, the YoFrankie tutorial is no different. The YoFrankie tutorial for water is however, the best that I have found. It took me three tries to get a decent water done and then it took me almost two months to learn how to use it in another .blend file. My advice would be to watch the video over and over and pause it to try to replicate what you have just seen. Good luck!

The main problem talking about YoFrankie normal map tutorial is that is crappy quality, i cant follow it. Look at my screenshot taken from YoFrankie main website, its imposible to recognize buttons. I cant understand why the quality is messed up o_O Tried to download video , but had the same result , also tried different players, codecs and so on…