Animated Normal Maps

I made this blend showing how to set up an animated normal map, I had an idea that this would be a good way to make water so I tried it to see if it would work and it did =]

But, this is just a texture with a dot moving in and out, no water

It would be pretty hard to make a water normal map that is loopable and everything


nmapanim.blend (137 KB)

You forgot to pack the textures :eyebrowlift2:

Ugh! I was sure I did it this time. haha

Does File>External Data> pack into .blend pack textures? or do I have to press the present looking button?


nmapanim.blend (456 KB)

Ext. Data>Pack to blend should be enough, except for painted (with blender tex. paint mode) textures though.

nice idea shatter , specially for water …

Hey guys, heres a full tutorial on water animated BGE maps: and heres a thread started by Arbitor 410 Both are very helpfull, and Arbitor said you can use his .blend if you want.

Lolha, This was wayy back when we first got glsl

I had no idea how you would make an animated, tileable, loopable water normal map until I saw that tutorial half a year later

Its a very good tutorial, there is still a lot to learn from all their videos and files, I am working on a game right now, and I am using so many Yo Frankie methiods in it. So I hope I helped, I guess, but it sounded like you already new about it.

can this tutorial be used to fill an entire shipping dock model with water?
It’s not for a game, but for an animation.
i followed the tutorial in blender 2.64 (works till there!)
but somewhere in the comments it says that the rest of the tut is purely for the game engine

I have 66000points now, for the 2x2 square, in order to fill the dock (which would be around 200bu long and 100 wide sth like that
i think i should find a different way then to make a 100 * 50 double arrray :smiley:
should i just scale up the whole thing? or go on make a black and white or normal map movie out of it and use this as a texture for a plane?