Animated object as particles

Hi everyone. I’m Alan, from Roma, Italy.

This is my first post here, i’m slowly trying to move from max to blender.

I’m tryng to simulate some bubbles on a plane, like a boiling fluids.
I would like to know if there is anyway to animate an object (an half sphere in this case, that i’ve scale) and use it as object particle including his scale animation.



As far as I know, yes. But in a very bad way.

All your particles will play at the same time. So, all your bubbles will grow and loop at the same time.
Not very smart.

The solution people use, if you can call it that, is to create many duplicates of your bubble with many different offsets in time and group them. Then configure the particle system to randomize this copies.

If you only make 2 copies, half your bubles will play at one time and half on the other. So you must create a lot to give them a good randomization.

That is the way I know at least. I would love to learn a smarter way to do it. Or to see implemented in blender a “randomize animation” option in the particle system.

I have attached a animated particle
download and back it


animated_particles.blend (270 KB)

thanks for the answer guismo. Yes i’ve already know about this technics…learned after trying multiple particle system with offset time animation. the one you suggest is much better, but the problem is that all the cloned object on the particles doesn’t bring the animation within.

That’s what i do:

1- make a plane a particles emitter, set gravity and normal velocity to 0
2- make a sphere, set a keyframe at 0 by pressing “i” than select “scaling”
3- move the time line set another keyframe as above. (on the mother object i can see the scaling animation)
4- in the render tab of particles system i choose object and select the sphere (in your suggestion here i will select “group”)

As i say in this way i can’t see animation on the instanced objects. Am i doing something wrong?

thanks so much patricia, i’ve download your file but when i press alt-a i just see a sort of comet in a box that spinning on it self…i’m using the 2.63a maybe that is the problem?

i’ve tried to parent the sphere to an animated empty as well but nothing! where am i wrong?

As far as I know what you did is right.
Here is a blendfile of my example. 2 cubes with different offsets in scale animation.

But this sollution is so bad and limited, that depending on the number of bubbles you might be better duplicating by hand.

That is one of the saddest limitations in the particle system.


untitled2.blend (939 KB)

thanks for the help Guismo, it’s really appriciated.

In the file you attached did you see the particle object getting bigger? cause i’don’t…so maybe the procedure is correct but i have some other problem…a bug maybe…are you using the 2.63a?

Ok guys i’ve just used di 2.64 and everythings works now! maybe i’ve did somthing to my 2.63a version.