Animated Object Does Not Line Up With Curve Using Modifier?

Hi All,

I have a simple helix curve, a straight line, and a circle.
The straight line has the circle applied to it as a bevel shape to turn the line into a cylinder.
The cylinder has a curve modifier applied to it.
The helix is the curve used by the modifier.

So after that setup, I can move the cylinder along the X-axis and it will travel along the helix path. Great, almost there, however, as the curve reaches the end of the helix, it is way out of alignment with the helix. Is there anyway to fix this? I would like the cylinder to remain aligned with the helix at all times.

The helix was generated by curveaseous galore script.

I have tried zeroing out locations and applying visual transformation. But no luck.



25_curve_modifier_prob.blend (403 KB)

apply helix rotation there…

Thanks, I did not even notice that.