Animated parenting

I am making some animations for a game character and in one of the animations the weapon bone should be released from the hand bone, so that the hand with which the weapon is usually held could move away from the weapon without the weapon moving. Is this possible to achieve?

The weapon bone is parented to the hand bone with an offset and they are part of the same rig.

if you are going to do grab/realease item animation you should be using object constraint

the item usually doesn’t need an armature

if you still want to use an armature us bone constraint (on the same tab as object constaint, modifier, etc)

but i don’t think you should put an item and a character in one armature tho

Well it is for a game rig, which is why I need it to be in a single armature. Anyway thanks for help.

Hey, maybe this post will help - read #6 and #9 How to "child of constrain" this animation?