animated propeller

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I’m trying to do an animation with an airplane in it , and I want to animate the propellor so it spins at a certain rpm. How would I go about doing this and is there a good tutorial somewhere that will help explain how to use the ipo window?

Basically what I’m thinking is that I want the prop to make a certain number of revolutions in a single second. then I could loop that animation to get the desired length of time that I need. Also I’d like to be able to make it slowly come up to speed and then slow down at the end of the animation as if the engine were shut off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The IPO window will solve this problem for you.

Set up animation

  1. Select your propeller
  2. in a view perpendicular to propeller, insert Rot Key
  3. Up arrow (advance 10 frames)
  4. Rotate the Prop about 80 degrees
  5. Insert Rot Key

Adjust the IPO
6. Open ipo Window
7. Select the angled line represeenting the rotation (slope of this line is the change in rotation over time)
8. Find the button that is an angled arrow on the IPO window tool Bar.
9. Activate the button and set your IPO curve to extend mode.

  1. The angle of the line determines your rotations (degrees) per second.
  2. you can tabkey the line into edit mode and adjust the slope.
  3. Delete the other two axis rotation curves to keep things clean.
  4. Use motion Blur when rendering for a nice propeller blur. You will have to experiment with the rotation speed.

Change the speed.

You can do the extend and change the speed simultaneously. You will need to set Keys for the propellers time curve in the IPO widow.

select the time name on the right side of th ipo window and insert keys by using CTRL+Leftmouse

A slanted S shape will give you a speed up in the beginning and aslow down in the end. The time window is Frames over frames. In other words you are saying run (Y number of frames) in the time it takes to do (X number of Frames). I may have that backwards, Anyhow it is all about slope and change in slope of the curve.

Good Luck

I don’t have a good tutorail on my list for IPO’s - Keep searching, they are out there.

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Is this also the way to animate is 1 time and than let is repeat it every time or do I have to set the locrot again ?

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thanks for the info