Animated ray transparencies?

I have a liquid that i would like to transform from a regular clear water into a glowing green (yet still transparent) color. I know how to make the materials and how to change colors durring the animation, but when i try to change any setting after frame 1, the material turns to an irrepairable white that renders no shadows or anything! I am using “All Color” and “All Mirror” as the keys as that seems to cover all the perameters I need. Anybody know why this is happening?

Can you post the .blend file?

Ok this is just a quick file for simpicity’s sake, but what i want to do is change material “clear” into material “green”. can’t seem to make this work


Animated Transparency.blend (134 KB)

I didn’t see any animation keys in there. So I can’t tell what you tried.

But when I tried it, for some reason setting a “All Color” key turns off Traceable and turns on Shadeless. To animate the color, just set a “RGB” key.
If you want to animate the Ray Transp settings (like IOR and Fresnel) it’s a little more tricky.

But once you have some keys for the IOR or whatever, you can just set future keys using the “Available” key type.

Yeah, thats my problem exactly! I need to change the fresnel. I am kinda afraid to ask, but, could you define “a little more tricky”? I totally apreciate your taking the time to respond. Im still a little new at this.

No problem.

The quote in my earlier post gave a brief explaination of how to animate the Ray Transp settings:
in the IPO window select Material from the menu and find IOR in the right-hand column (between SpTra and Mode) and Left-Click it. Then Ctrl-Leftclick on the grid to create a curve.

Here is a link that explains IPO curves in more depth:

If you are wanting to change the fresnel, the channels you will want to add curves to are called FresTra (Fresnel for Transparency) and FresTraI (Fac… don’t ask me why)

Sweet! that’s what i was after! thanks for the help!