Animated sequence based on a still image


I’d like to make an animated sequence based on a still image.

In the still below, I’d like to have the white dots which will be led lights fade in and out randomly.

I’m really a noob in compositing and it hurts me right now…
I think this is about using a material pass to isolate the dots + a mist or Z pass to control their brightness according to their position + a random thinggy but I just don’t see how to connect this together…:spin:

Thanks for reading so far! :slight_smile:

Can you help me out?

Sure you could use an Object pass to isolate the lights or put them on their own layer. Then use a cloud texture and pass it over the lights layer with a mix node set to multiply. This will randomly dip the light as the texture moves across them.

Hey David! :slight_smile:

I guess my enthusiasm will definately sound silly but I feel like I know you a little bit from following your tutorials!

After several attempts, I ended up with this (probably over-complicated) node setup:

I suppose there must be a simpler way to do this (if you know one, I’ll be glad to learn! :p) but at least, this worked!

Thanks a lot for answering!

Have a nice day (or night I should say!),

Hey I’m glad you arrived at a solution! As long as it makes sense to you thats all that matters. One further tip, try adding frame nodes to collect different nodes into function groups. This way you will understand what each step does latter when you return to the file.

I just watched the introdution to frames on CGCookie: it’s a really hepful tool I’m definitely going to use in the future!
Thanks again! A lot!