Animated Short Film Team looking for a Character Rigger


We are passionate filmmakers with an incredible story to tell using animation that is sure to warm the hearts of millions and inspire them to believe no matter what happens in life, life was always meant to be lived… out… loud.

We have just completed the dense topology of our two main characters and looking for someone who would like to contribute to this passion project and become a part of the dream of bringing them to life. Not to mention see a great story on the big screen.

We are working entirely in Blender and looking for a Rigger who knows the software! Below we have a couple questions. If you can answer them, you may just be who we’ve been looking for.

  1. Have you built a body rig from scratch for a humanoid character.

  2. Have you built a facial rig from scratch

  3. Have you written tools to help automate the process for creating rigs and/or automatically skin characters.

  4. Do you have an example of the rig you built skinned on an asset.

  5. And did you do the skinning?

  6. Have you ever dealt with topology changes on a skinned mesh and if so how did you approach that situation?

Pre-req: built a body and face rig, wrote scripts for the body and face rig. Skinned a model with the rig.

bonus: animated a model with the rig.

Looking forward to talking soon.


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Just wanted to say that the concept art looks amazing. If you manage to reproduce that look in the actual render I would be interested in helping with the subsequent animation stage (not the rigging tho). Good luck with your project anyways.

Absolutely! - We would love to chat more about that! - shoot me over an email when you get a chance - my email is [email protected] - would love to just keep your info so that when we get there we can reach back out again! - Thanks for sending the message!