Animated Texture issue

I’ve been trying to get animated textures working for BGE however whenever i set it up it seems to always switch between half the grid and one frame.

Problem: problem.blend (550 KB)
Texture i’m using:

Any .blends, or explanations would be appreciated!

Thanks :smiley:

EDIT: Turns out you have to save the .blend and re-open it

Hi Thatimster!
I love your work! Your Youtube channel is a great inspiration! It’s rare to find so good explanations of some features of the BGE (the tree tutorial is a must).
Speaking about your animated texture tut (wich is really good :wink: ), what do you think about creating animated texture of grass (one of your previous tutorial)? Would it be good for the illusion of grass in a blender game?

Thanks :D! To be honest i’m not exactly sure how animated textures effect the performance of BGE however i’m sure having huge fields filled with animated grass will give any PC a hard time.
You could use it for possibly a couple plants here and there if they are major features, however i would refrain from using it excessively. To solve the problem (for large areas of grass) you should check out my wind tutorial.

Glad you like the tutorials!