animated texture problems (again)

OK, I’m still trying to render animated textures with Yafray…

I cant use an image sequence as a modulator, not without some python batch renaming of the XML files (I no nothing about python as yet, so thats my last resort)

I’ve got animated textures working in the normal blender textures & renderer - however these are not exported to Yafray via Yablex (I get a “Mesh has UV coords, but no textures found!” error)

If I assign a texture while adding UV co-ordinates in the UV/image editing window, it works! The texture is rendered in Yafray with no modulators. But %&&&$^%%#$ it only sends the first frame of the image sequence!

I’ve noticed the ‘anim’ button in the UV/image editing window, with 4 number buttons (2 on the left, which go from 1-16 each, & 2 on the right which seem to go from 0 to 128 each) theres also a 'speed of the animation in frames per second. None of them seem to help though - is there some way of having an image sequence as a texture using the texface UV/image editing window method? :o


Anyone? Even “you’re SOL buddy, no animated textures for you - stop being so lazy & learn python already” :wink: