Animated Textures in Apricot

Hello folks out there :wink:

As i decided to go for a Game like Wipeout, i didnt think id get that much backup :slight_smile:

We are now like 20 people working on it. We will be using Apricot for more easy Normalmapping and more Frames. But theres one big Problem. We didnt get Animated Textures to run yet. Ive seen one or two Tutorials with Animated Textures, which were in Fact images with a few Frames that were moved via the UV Map. But this doesnt seem to work at all in Apricot, is there anyone who has an idea how we can get Animated Textures, which is not by adding many Planes with time propertys etc :-/?



Make some noise if you’d like to see Brecht add a decent alternative to animation maps for animated textures! No promises, but he’s thinking about it.


nothing new there :(?


so true 8)

I don’t know if they changed this with apricot, but I do know that the tile animation will not work if blender materials are on. Click game and uncheck ‘use blender materials.’

id love to have a file that works in apricot :o)