animated textures in BGE?

basically i want to use animated textures to do mouth and eye animations, as well as some other things like water. but i dont know how to get it to work in the BGE, only in rendering.

any help please?

PS: i want to be able to Lip Sync too

there are many good tutorials on this site…

ive seen these, but i wanna know if i can get it to work like the animation thing does, where i make keyframes and animate it so i can have lip syncing and eye blinking and all the good stuff, also i need to have it so only certain faces on the mesh are affected, like only the faces around the mouth and eyes.

i have seen that the PSP game Dissidia uses this, so i wanted to use it too, would save me lots of space so i dont have to have mouth rigs or modeled mouths and eyes.

Here is a face rigging tutorial, I hope it helps…

it would if i was using a model that had lips and eyes modeled, but im not, as i said i am useing the Texture to do all that, i dont want to model a mouth and eyes.

if you look up the PS2 game Dragon Quest 8, or the PSP game Final Fantasy Dissidia, you will notice that the mouths and eyes are all done with textures, thats what i am trying to do, animated textures, but i dont know how to do this in the game engine for lip syncing and all that

Ya same here I tried to simulate water in the BGE and it acted retarded.

Most would say you need GLSL activated before things like water or any animation of textures work in the BGE. Tired animated water myself it worked but was weird only because how I set up the animated texture.

Tired yofrankie for animated textures it might work for want you want if you work it the right way, not sure how yet.

i know how to animate a texture, i have done the tutorial that shows how to do the flame thing, but what i want to know is how i can control it, like how you go into Animation and move the bones and add keyframes, and yo use up actions, i want to be able to control the texture animation in this way so i can control when it moves the mouth or blinks the eyes using texture animation.

I’m sure what you want is possible, but I’m not entirely sure. It sounds pretty complex. Maybe with Python. For now, I’d suggest either talking to a Python programmer, or just try modeling the facial features. Unless it’s like, a cartoon character or something that NEEDS to use only textures. Then, I’d probably either contact a programmer or give up for now. I’m sure it’s possible. You MIGHT not even need to use Python. But yeah. You should probably contact a pro directly, rather than posting a thread. I think you might have a higher chance of success or a reply.

i dont think i would need a python script, i mean if you can use animated textures and they just play continuously, then why cant i use the timeline so i can control it, and i dont know any pros nor do i know where to find any. and its not that i need to have it this way, i WANT to have it this way, i like this better, because it looks more like an animation. so it will look more like my drawings. i dont want to model lips and eyes, thats just unnecessary for what im doing. another game i might do that but i am not good at modeling high poly models, nor do i really want to, its not my style.

ok i have been asking around and still can not get an answer for this, and i know there has to be a way to do it.

here is a better explanation of what i am looking to do:

basically, after i fully model my character and texture him, i make a separate texture map that has a bunch of different mouths, some open, some smile, some gritting in pain, as well as eyes, some open, closed, angry, happy, that stuff. then somehow, i go into animation mode, and using either Action, IPO, Timeline, something, i make it so the faces around the mouth and eyes change texture to match what i want. like i have 5 rows and 3 columns, and at frame 4 i want the mouth to be the one in column 2 row 3, and use this method to Lip Sync with audio.

hope that is a better explanation of what im looking for

I am looking for this too, but seems that blender cant do this, or at least, not easily.
This is the closest thing I could find:

And around here, the blend file:

But looks too complicated to use in the BGE.

The problem is that Blender don’t have a way to switch textures during an animation.