Animated Textures - tip and Qs

I found a quick way to build Animated Textures.

  1. Add video to Blender VSE and render a sequence of (n2, eg 112=121, etc) images.
  2. Add the images to GIMP as layers, in the 1 to n**2 sequence.
  3. Use the Mozaic plug-in to create a single image. Flatten and invert vertically.
  4. Select alpha colour to create transparency.
  5. Save as a TIFF.

The standard animated textures using 2.49b (with “Real-time Properties”, “Anim” in the UV edior) works fine, except that videos seem to always play continuously. There’s a script I found, that allows them to be stopped and started however animations seem to run at about 10 fps at best. Is there anything around that runs faster or some other way to ensure animations always start at frame 1, when the plane containing the animation is made visible ?

I’ve been unable to find animated textures in 2.5 Does anyone know where it is hidden please ?

BTW, in step 3, go to “Filters” “Map” “Mozaicize”. You can build up to 16 x 16 = 256 frames, but for some reason the animation will only play a max of 128 frames, that is, 11 x 11 = 121 frames is the max for an anim.

I’ve attached a blend of a basic explosion. Hit spacebar and it displays the explosion in the middle of the ani. Any help it making it start at the start would be appreciated.


basic explosion test.blend (136 KB)

  1. Switch from Blender Render to Blender Game.
  2. Unwrap your plane.
  3. Open the UV editing window.
  4. Load your animated textures.

@adb You have forgotten to pack the texture.

Ooops … yes I forgot to pack. It seems to big (2.6 MB) for attachment, here it is:

Yes, I followed the standard procedure.

You will see that the anim does not start at the start.